PV Green Card Training | SAPVIA endorsed training institute

PV Green Card Training in a SAPVIA endorsed training institute

Our 5-day training, the SuperSolarSchool is an officially SAPVIA endorsed preparation course for the PV GreenCard Installer Assessment.

The PV GreenCard is a quality assurance tool for PV installations. It was created by SAPVIA, the South African Solar PV Industry Association, with the goal to increase the overall quality of PV systems in South Africa and create awareness for quality. On the one hand, PV systems are checked if they are installed according common quality guidelines, on the other hand SAPVIA encourages installers to get professional training on PV installation. Installers need to pass the SAPVIA PV Assessment to be allowed to issue PV GreenCards for solar systems. Read more about the PV GreenCard programme here.

PV GreenCard assessment

Working during practical PV Assessment

PV GreenCard Assessment

Assessment of installers after different criteria

Get trained to pass the Assessment

In the SAPVIA PV Assessment, the installation skills of installers are tested. In order to pass and ensure best quality installations, we recommend all candidates to take a training before. In our 5-day course SuperSolarSchool we teach the basic principles of PV installation and design. Beginners learn how to do installations and what’s important when getting started in the business. Advanced installers can compare their existing knowledge and procedures to international standards -and will probably also learn something new!

Practical solar training

Explanations during the preparation training SuperSolarSchool

Solar Training Certification

Participants receive a certificate after the training

Take your skills on an international level

The SuperSolarSchool was developed by installers and solar PV experts from Africa and Europe. Knowledge from over 10 years of experience in the international solar industry and the South African PV market was used to develop the training course as it is now. Our trainers are all actively involved in the PV industry, mostly as company owners or have an educational background.

So no matter if you are a beginner or already experienced, the training course offers new perspectives and can benefit you in many ways. In the SuperSolarSchool and all our training courses we work according SAPVIA’s PV Installation Guidelines.

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