Solar Online Exam for PV Installers and Designers

GREEN Online Exam

After successful completion of a training, participants of the professional courses can sign in for an online exam to receive a Certificate of Achievement. The qualification to get is certified “DGS Solar Power Designer” or “DGS Solar Power Technician”. The certificates are jointly issued by DGS, the German Solar Energy Society, and GREEN Solar Academy.

Exam Procedure

The exam is done online, participants don’t have to be present at the academy. The exam takes place over a weekend and is an open book exam. All course handouts, books and the internet can be used as we want to create reallife conditions for the exam -and wouldn’t you consult books and colleagues when working on a tricky problem?

The exam paper is sent via email in pdf format. Participants can work on it in their own way, either print and fill it out by hand or work on it digitally as long as it is scanned or saved and sent back.

On Friday participants get the exam papers via email, then they have the whole weekend to work on it and must send it back until Sunday 6 pm.

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