Francis is an Electrical and Electronic engineer by profession who spent more than 20 years in the manufacturing industry in process control with emphasis on improving energy efficiencies , reduction of factory electrical maximum demand and power factor correction. A long term interest in renewable energies  drove him to join Sunergy (Pvt) as a business partner to Dave Mathews in 2016.

2017 – opening of the maxx I solar academy Zimbabwe with the inaugural Sunrise Intermediate course in Zimbabwe

2016 - Joined Sunergy (Pvt) ltd as a partner

2016 – completed the training requirements laid down as a prerequisite of maxx, undertaking all the required courses and participating in their “Train the trainer” programme

  • 2016 Accreditation as maxx /DGS trainer.
  • PV Basics
  • PV system installation
  • PV system design
  • Energy management project work
  • Collaborating with NGOs in raising awareness in the use of pv to the vulnerable communities eg women and youth.


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